Frequently asked questions

Additional questions please feel free to contact us directly ....

May I request a particular Temp Employee to return?

Absolutely, just please allow as much time as possible to ensure that particular temp is available. In turn, if you have had a temp you were not pleased with please let us know and we will be sure to find you a more suitable fit.

How do I find out when there is an opening?

As soon as we hear of a position opening, we will send out a mass text. This gives everyone the ability to easily and quickly know of openings. The first qualified responder will be given the temp opportunity.

If I find a full time job, may I still work with you?

Most definitley, our goal is for everyone to work as often as they like. We encourage our dental professionals to work on their days off for extra money.

Is your fee coming out of my pay?

Absolutely not, we do not charge our dental professionals to work with us.

What positions does DSA offer assistance in finding temporary or permanant placements?

We accomadate for all dental staffing needs. DDS, Dental Hygieniests, Dental Assistants, EDDAs and Front office.